Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Cats for Kids

Both of these books are the collaborative efforts of:
Constance Corcoran Wilson (author), and Gary McCluskey (illustrator)

The Christmas Cats Chase Christmas Rats

Whether they can read it themselves or share it with someone, this is a fun read for children. Colourful and appealing illustrations help tell an adventurous, yet meaningful story. The Christmas Cats are employed to assist in chasing down some rats in a lab. Once there, the Cats realize that these rats have jobs and are doing good things. The Christmas Cats learn an important lesson in accepting others for who they really are.

The Christmas Cats Encounter Bats

Again, the Christmas Cats are called in to check into a mystery. They end up on another adventure, however. This time they must investigate the strange sounds coming from a school bus. During their investigation, they find out that bats are living in the bus! The Christmas Cats learn another lesson in this book. Even though bats are thought to be scary and are very different than others, they do have a purpose and a job to do, too. Acceptance is an important thing to learn and share.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Star

Under midnight star 
miracle and mystery 
  are born of God’s love.

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Midnight or Mystery

Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Special Christmas Selfie

and now here is perhaps 
the most beloved reindeer of all:

Chloe Jo

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Fill In Fun #192

The "Follow Four Fill-In" is hosted by Hilary at Feeling Beachie. Each week, she posts statement with blanks. Our mission, should we choose to accept, is to copy the statement and fill in the blanks on our blogs. Then link up to her blog for sharing. Hilary is always looking for co-hosts and more statements for us to fill in. Please visit her, and let her know your suggestions! This week's co-host is Jennifer Farwell.

The statements & My Answers: #192:

1. I can’t believe that some people question whether animals can go to Heaven. I believe that animals do. Thankfully, I am not alone in my belief. Recently, Pope Francis made a statement regarding this very thing.   

2. Hot cocoa is my favourite Winter treat. I especially like it with peppermint in it!

3. If I could understand human nature I would be probably not be any happier about it. Even though it never ceases to amaze me, I am both fascinated and saddened by it. I understand animal behavior. Animals “get it”; yet, humans are supposed to be the “superior intelligence”. (There is a question for God.) 

4. December is a sad and lonely month for many people. Please try to take time to reach out to friends, neighbors, and others who are alone.

~Have a blessed weekend!~

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Christmas Catnip

Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Good Fence

Winter Feed Yard,
Dodge City, Kansas

This is one of many stockyard-owned Winter feeding areas.

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