Saturday, May 27, 2017

Sands of Time

Mae never felt comfortable celebrating her birthday. It seemed like much ado about nothing. Still, she couldn’t help but feel nostalgic when the calendar reminded her of the day.

Mae was alone since Rudy had passed away. The kids were all grown, with lives of their own. Everyone was so busy these days. There was just no time to spend together anymore.

Mae felt her birthday was just a time to reflect on the past. Looking through old photographs, one caught her rapt attention. The beach! It was always a favourite family vacation spot.

Closing her eyes, Mae could feel the soft breeze and smell the fresh air. She could feel the warm sun and sand, too. Mae could even hear the laughter of children. They were all there, again. Together.

A gift to herself. Through tears, she whispered, “Happy birthday to me”.

Story: McGuffy Ann Morris
Word Count= 146 words
Image: The Storyteller's Abode

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Flash Fiction/Photo Prompt,
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Kaleidoscope of Sound: S

Bill said, "He's a hotshot, a show off and a control freak. But, he's amazing. So, its all good."

Brian Setzer

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Friday, May 26, 2017

Snowball Forever

My heart broke when I received the email from Ellen of 15andmeowing today. Snowball had lost her battle. Like Ellen, I can be superstitious when my furkids are sick. So, we prayed.

Each time we lose a furry love, they take a piece of us with them. They leave a hole in our hearts that no one else can fill. Now, there is another furry angel, because Snowball has received her special wings. 

Snowball was blessed to have been safe in the home of Ellen and her hubby for as long as she was. Their love for their furkids is unconditional. Ellen does so much for cats and their people. She is a blessing to all who know her. Please visit Ellen to show your support as she grieves Snowball's crossing. 

This one is for Snowball...she will be loved and missed...forever.

Friendly Fill-ins: Week 55

We are happy you are here for another week of friendly sharing! As always, you can find the fill-ins here and at each Thursday. On Fridays, we post the linky for sharing. The first two fill-ins are always provided by Ellen. The final two statements are offered by myself. You are welcome to answer in the comments, but if you link up, even more people can share!

Thank you for being here today. I appreciate your friendship, your time, and your comments. I know that life is busy, and time gets away easily. So, thank you for being part of my journey and sharing yours with me. 

Please check out my "58 Things"post today. I share some things about myself that you may or may not know. It took a lot of thought to come up with this list to share. I invite you all to take up this birthday challenge on your next birthday. If and when you post it for your birthday, please make sure to let me know. I would like to read the things that you share. 

Have a safe Memorial Weekend. It is the unofficial start of Summer. Enjoy your loved ones, free time, and gatherings. Please, do remember to take a moment to honour those who died in active military service. We owe them so much respect and gratitude. They earned it.

Here are my completed fill-ins:

1. My idea of roughing it is no restroom facilities, no showers, no electricity. That is how we used to camp out when I was growing up in Texas. We went on camping and fishing trips often. Those are happy childhood memories!

2. I never get sick of talking about happy memories that Bill and I have shared over the years. We have been married thirty-six years in June, so there are a lot of happy memories. Many of them have critters in them, naturally. The stories do get retold often, too.

3. My youth taught me the essential things that I would need in life. I watched others and learned what not to do. I also learned about the kind of person that I wanted to be. I am thankful for lessons learned by watching and listening. History does not have to repeat itself.

4. My "golden years" are being charted as I head toward that sunset. I don’t want more stuff, just more happiness. I know what I need and what is important. My needs are minimal. I have learned that for me, less really is more.

~May you always find happiness in what you have!~

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58 Things

Today I am 58. With that in mind, I was challenged to share 58 things about myself. (Thank you, La La in the Library.) Since I don't celebrate my birthday, I thought this might be an interesting way to reflect. I did put a lot of thought and feeling into this project. So, in no particular order, I share these fifty-eight things about myself. 

1. I was born at 12:01 A.M. 

2. I am an old soul. 

3. I am a first-generation Northerner. 

4. Growing up, I went to eleven schools. 

5. I am a realist.

6. I have an acute, often dry, quirky sense of humour.

7. I often use my sense of humour as a defense mechanism.

8. I am a voracious reader. 

9. I have arachnophobia. *augh*

10. I have severe claustrophobia.

11. I come from a long line of storytellers. I use mine for good, though.

12. Writing is how I sort through thoughts and feelings.

13. Without cats and dogs in my life, I feel incomplete.

14. I converted to Catholicism at age 18.

15. I contemplated joining a convent.

16. I believe in the supernatural and mysteries of faith.

17. I am a Peanuts fan, especially Snoopy and Woodstock.

18. I wear blue jeans (exclusively).

19. I wear a lot of tie-dyed clothing.

20. I am a Muppet fan, especially Kermit.

21. I love to fish on a lake.

22. I have a solid moral compass.

23. God is my anchor, always.

24. I was in ROTC for four years (and excelled).

25. I have handled and used an M16 rifle.

26. I am a lifelong Bette Davis fan.

27. I was a vegetarian when I was ages 17-20.

28. I am completely at home with nature.

29. I choose words carefully because of their power.

30. From early childhood, I have been very intuitive.

31. I withdraw when I feel overwhelmed.

32. I believe in karma.

33. I did not cry as a child because I saw it as a weakness.

34. I love and use old rosaries.

35. I have witnessed the magic of the Aurora Borealis.

36. I believe there is hope in a sunrise.

37. I think a sunset is proof of survival. 

38.  I believe in divine providence.

39. Autumn is my favourite season.

40. I feel God in the stars and moon.

41. I believe in angels. 

42. My favourite days are cool, cloudy, and rainy.

43. I feel a deep respect for trees.

44. Clouds inspire me.

45. I both love and fear storms.

46. I first drove a car when I was twelve years old.

47. I got my driver’s license at age twenty.

48. I was a passenger in two near-fatal car accidents, at ages 18 and 19.

Age 20

49. I am an incessant deep-thinker.

50. I love flowers, bees, and butterflies.

51. I am more comfortable with animals than I am with people.

52. I have had exotic pets, but do not advocate owning them. 

53. I know I am a dork and am fine with that. 

54. I have a very active inner child.

55. I am a very private person.

56. I love the colours green and blue.

57. I have an exceptionally good memory (a blessing and a curse).

58. I am an active hugger. *Hugs*

~Thank you for being here today!~ 

Kaleidoscope of Sound: R

Bill said, "Fate is a mysterious thing. Waylon was a bass player for Buddy Holly. He gave up his seat for the Big Bopper, "The Day The Music Died". Waylon went on to become one of the best country singers of the 70's and 80's."

"Rose in Paradise"
Waylon Jennings

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