Monday, February 21, 2011

How to Survive a Natural Disaster

How to Survive a Natural Disasterby Margaret Hawkins
A small book with a big punch! Each chapter, each character, was full of tragedy, and raw emotion. The title is ironic, as there is no "How to"; it is just pure survival. I felt drawn in to the tragedies, and drained each time I put the book down...but yet, I had to know what happened, how they each survived...together, apart.
Ms. Hawkins illustrates how survivors come in all shapes, sizes, and even species. She takes every day life and shows the tragedies that fill them, and how we go along just to survive each one, each day. It is our neighbors, our friends, it is us. And survive we do, because we have to.
This book will make you think; it will make you feel. This book will make you listen to other people and their trials, and it will make you reflect on your own. It will also make you want to read more books by Margaret Hawkins.

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