Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bent Road

Bent Roadby Lori Roy

This is a gripping debut novel from an author to watch. Lori Roy tells a story in southern-gothic tradition of a family haunted by the past.

To escape the race riots of 1967 Detroit, Arthur Scott returns to Kansas, after fleeing his family homestead there twenty years before.

While his teen daughter settles into a new love and life in Kansas, his adolescent son, and grade school daughter struggle to fit in and belong.

Arthur’s wife must come to terms with being a farm wife, as she struggles with Arthur’s secret past and what drove him away from his home here so long ago.

Ms. Roy portrays a very real picture of farm life, country folk, and the secrets a family will go to all lengths to hide, even from each other.

The characters are believable, their struggles heartfelt. This is a haunting, memorable story. This author has much to offer, in a genuine way. I welcome her, and highly recommend her.


  1. That's the third interesting-sounding recommendation today! Seriously, a good selection.

  2. What a wonderful review. Sounds like my kind of book: Southern and gothic. Thanks so much for the heads up!