Sunday, March 27, 2011


Today is the day!!

I want to thank you all for being here and for being a part of McGuffy's Reader! I appreciate everyone who takes the time to visit, read what I write, and especially those who follow me. Thank you all!
A special thank you to Cheryl for this honour!


  1. Welcome to this wonderful book blogging world. I think we are going to be "seeing" a lot of each other. I hope you will check out my blog Dollycas's Thoughts and even join my Thursday feature "Enquiring Minds Want To Know".

    I love you kitty pictures, I have two needy dogs and one very vocal smart tabby myself. I should say they have me :)

    Congrats on being Cheryl's Shining Star!!

  2. Thanks! I am your follower now! Love your blog!
    I will join you on Thursday!
    I totally understand about the critters having you. As I write this, I "have to" hold Chloe, my most-needy kitten. I will be doing a post about the kitten's story. They are rescues.
    Thank you, again! I am happy to have you here!

  3. Hi McGuffy! I wandered over from Cheryl's blog. I just signed up to follow. I hope you find the world of book blogging as wonderful as I do!

    I am a fellow animal-lover. I have a calico named Fred, a Dachshund/Shih Tzu mis named Harley and a German Shepherd named Malo. They are definitely my cuddle buddies!

  4. Welcome, Julie! I'm glad you are here!
    Books & favourites! They are both "feel-good" blessings, aren't they?
    Thank you for joining!

  5. Thank you for being my guest today and Welcome to the Book Blogging Community, the friendliest neighborhood around bloggyland.

  6. I cannot thank you enough, Cheryl!!

  7. I am so excited to meet you today! I am from the Great Lakes area as well! I love your librarians.

  8. Thank you! I'm glad you are here!
    It's great to meet another Great Lakes person,especially one who loves books!
    The Great Lakes is a wonderful place, particularly the further North you go!

    I love my librarians, too! *lol* Thanks!

  9. Hello McGuffy!Glad to meet you. I hope you're in a good shape and get well soon!

  10. Hi:

    It was great getting to know more about you.

    Silver's Reviews

  11. I was happy to meet you over at Cheryl's Shining Star and then to come over and find, as I suspected, a wonderful new blog! I am now a follower and thank you for allowing me to share in your writings. Have a great day and enjoy your "SHINING STARNESS" :)

  12. Thank you for being here and for following me! I really appreciate the kind words!

  13. McGuffy,
    Great interview as Shining Star this week! :)

    Good to put a face to the name and find out the reason behind your unusual name.

    I too like Southern fiction, over here in the UK.


  14. Thanks Carol! I love hearing from you!!

  15. What a great interview! I love your blog. Thanks for sharing yourself with all of us!

  16. Loved reading your interview! Glad to have found you!!

  17. Congrats to you! You have a lovely blog.