Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stealing Buddha's Dinner

Stealing Buddha's Dinner

by Bich Minh Nyugen

This is the memoir of a young Vietnamese girl growing up in 1980’s Michigan. Bich Nyugen tells her emotional story--- of being a Vietnamese immigrant after the fall of Saigon, 1975.

Not long after settling in Michigan, Bich’s father marries a Hispanic woman. It is interesting to see yet another culture blend into Bich’s young life. Throughout the book we gradually learn about Bich’s mother and the mystery surrounding her absence.

Bich artfully exposes moments and facts through food, tradition, culture, and the youthful desire to “fit in”, to “belong”. Her story is both universal and intimate.

A very unique memoir, sweet and poignant, its flavor will linger.

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  1. Immigrant stories are very poignant, very moving as they bring so much emotion to the story. However tough it is, it is never easy to move countries.