Tuesday, March 22, 2011



Wrecker: A Novel (Hardcover) by Summer Wood by Summer Wood

Wrecker is a boy. It is the mid-1960s. He is born into a world of chaos, and his single mother is also in turmoil. By the time Wrecker is three years old, she is in prison.

What seems to be a tragedy can sometimes be the best possible thing to happen. After being shuttled around, Wrecker finally is sent to live with distant relatives. They are unknown to him, living in a very remote area of California. By this time he is an angry, sullen little boy. His reaction is usually to flee. However, over time and with much patience and perseverance, things begin to change.

Through a warm patchwork quilt of eccentric characters who pull together, Wrecker finds a family and home, and even ultimately himself.

Summer Wood was a foster mother before penning this heartfelt book. She currently teaches writing and is a mentor for young writers, as well.

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