Saturday, April 2, 2011

Foster Child

by Dennis Harris

Dennis Harris takes on a heavy issue eloquently, in a surprisingly small book. However, he knows well of which he speaks. He lived it, and lives it still.

As a young child in Washington, D.C., Mr. Harris first became orphaned. From there he entered the foster care system.

In this powerful and important book, Mr. Harris tells us what it means to be a foster child, what it is like. He tells of his struggles with self esteem, and issues of trust and abandonment.

But this book is more than that. Dennis Harris tells of how he finds the courage to succeed, even excel. He went on to get a college education and marry a wonderful woman we come to know as “Peaches”. Together they raise seven children and foster many more.

Dennis Harris has seen the foster care system from both sides. Not only has he survived, he has thrived, to become a role model to others.

I applaud him.

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