Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Button & Special Artwork!

I am very excited to have a brand new blog button! Please notice it, and even use it! It was specially designed and created by Regina . You can find her at: http://hottbooks.blogspot.com  She obviously does very nice work and is quite computer savvy. Thank you, Regina!! (I also want to thank Cheryl, http://cmashlovestoread.blogspot.com/  for  recommending Regina to me.)

I have also added a very special piece of artwork to my blog. This picture of a bookcase and cats was created by my dear friend, Andrea. Andrea is a brilliantly creative and generous soul. The picture is very true-to-life of my library/computer room, as she knows. I love it, and am sure that Maggie P., my Maine Coon polydactyl, and her minions Grizelda & Chloe approve as well. Thank you, Andrea. You are wonderful.


  1. I have your new button and love it!!! Gina is great with computers, I keep telling her she should start a design blog.I also think Andrea did a great job capturing your cats at their jobs lol. And yw.

  2. You are both terrific! Thanks so much for the recommendation Cheryl & McGuffy, well, thanks for letting me play!