Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Seamus to the Rescue!

Seamus the Sheltie to the Resc... by James Beverly 

I admit that I was first drawn to this book having had Shelties for many years. But this is much more than just that.

Based on a real-life Sheltie, “Seamus to the Rescue!” is the third in the Seamus series of children’s books. A collection of stories, the events and situations are told from the viewpoint of Seamus and his animal friends.

This book could be read alone by a grade-school child, or it could be read by an adult with a child. The animals speak in a simple, clipped manner. The author refers to this as “Seamus-Speak”, and includes a glossary for understanding the animal’s speech.

Black and white illustrations depict the situations in each chapter. In addition, there is a section with actual photos of the real Seamus, and the author’s family.

An appendix gives a synopsis and discussion guide for each chapter. Included in the guides are the morals and values stressed and suggested questions for discussions.

James Beverly has a degree in Clinical Child Psychology. He worked a lifetime with children and families. He is a parent and a grandparent. Now retired, James and Seamus plan to use their time on more adventures. There is a Seamus Fan club which offers many Seamus items, as well.

I wholeheartedly recommend Seamus to kids and their families,
to read together, especially.

Nightengale Press

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  1. Awesome!!! I got this book in my mailbox last week and will be reviewing it soon, too :) Glad to see you liked it! :)