Friday, May 13, 2011

Birds Can Fly and So Can I

(A Giraffe Soars from Dream to Reality)

by Noa Nimrodi

A giraffe is bird watching while taking a walk. That night she dreams she can fly. In her dreams she shares her gift of flight with her animal friends. They all support her, cheering her on. When she wakes, she finds that her friends support her in reality as well as in her dreams.

The messages of this delightful children’s book are layered. Dreams can be realized, sometimes by sharing them with others. Support from loved ones is very important. We need to give support as well as receive it, and that in doing so we can achieve great things.

The illustrations are fun and colourful. The book is easy to follow and understand. At the end of the book is an interactive page where a child can record their hopes and dreams.

This book could easily become a child’s favourite!


  1. I'm so glad you made me aware of this book; it sounds so cute! I know a little boy who would adore it.