Friday, May 13, 2011

Buddy's Tail

Buddy's Tail by K. Anne Russell by K. Anne Russell

This is a very imaginative story about a dog’s adventures in life and in the afterlife.

Buddy’s life is filled with people who let him down, yet he remains true to himself and is a good dog. His real friends are a Border Collie named MacKenzie and a Chihuahua named Javier. They are always there for Buddy, even when his owners forget to provide food and essentials for him.

After a lifetime of moving and numerous owners, Buddy dies. He is brought back to life however, but there are stipulations he must eventually fulfill. In agreement, Buddy is given a new life!

When Buddy finally does enter Haven, he is given the responsibility of guiding other dogs into the afterlife of Haven. True to his word, he fulfills his agreement happily and well. He is also pleased to be reunited with his old friend, MacKenzie.

Meaning well, with what he feels is good reason, Buddy goes beyond his authority and finds himself in trouble. In bringing a bomb dog back from Afghanistan, Buddy helps a Marine as well. This is against the rules. MacKenzie must come to his aid once again, this time to help prove that Buddy is actually a hero for the things he did.

This is an entertaining and creative chapter novel, with important lessons. In addition to the book, Buddy has a website where parents, teachers, and children can find fun instructional items.

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