Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cat Thursday!

You have met Grizelda & Chloe. You must meet Queen Maggie. She is a polydactyl Maine Coon. Her "official" name is Sweet Magnolia Pearl, as she is from Kentucky. Traditionally, polydactyl cats are supposed to have a letter P in their name, to note that they are polydactyl. 

Maggie P. was the 2008 Midwest CFA Household Cat Champion (thus she thinks she is the Queen). She is my pride & joy. Grizelda & Chloe are her minions. Having been here since they were newborns, she thinks they are hers. Well...they are.


  1. Beautiful...just beautiful! Love the black and white contrast.

  2. She's beautiful. Have heard Maine coons are very smart.

  3. Love your photos! I used to have a Maine Coon; they are extremely smart but know how to use that to manipulate their pet parents. We used to do animal rescue, and kept the dogs and cats we saved. Due to lack of money and space, we only have a few cats and a few dogs left, but they are the lights of our lives as your children are all becoming adults.
    Keep up the good work caring for animals, Rae

  4. What beautiful felines!

    Our neighbors had a pure white cat when I was a kid; she had one blue eye and one green eye :)