Thursday, June 23, 2011

South of Superior

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By Ellen Airgood

Sometimes it takes a lifetime to realize where “Home” is, that perhaps “home” was never really a place but rather a part of us.

Though her roots were technically in the Upper Peninsula (U.P.) of Michigan, Madeline Stone was detached from hers. Having been rejected by her grandfather and abandoned by her mother, she ended up in Chicago, Illinois.

When a lifelong friend of her grandfather needs help, Madeline is drawn back to the place of her birth and that of her family’s. Her reservations are many, including her unresolved feelings regarding her grandfather.

The beauty of the land attracts tourists, and the area residents live for them, knowing they rely on that as a necessary source of income, just to survive year to year, as Madeline learns. The roots run deep here, generation to generation.

Loyalty runs deep, as well. Loyalty to the land that supplies them, maintains them, defines them. This loyalty is the driving force of the people in this small town, South of Superior. Through years of relationships, times both good and bad, the people held strong, united by beliefs and values.

In this place of wild beauty, with its rich history rooted in its people, land and lore, Madeline is surprised to find purpose, and peace of both mind and heart. She finds love in its many forms and ages.

South of Superior is strong in character image and voice. While the ways of the people are not necessarily simple, they are genuine and hard-earned. Both characters and setting feel all that a “hometown” should feel.

Ellen Airgood has beautifully captured the Upper Peninsula of Michigan that I know and love. This book will stay with you, as well it should.


  1. I enjoyed this book too; especially the elderly characters. Lovely review.

  2. I look forward to this read. I like to read books set in my State.

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  4. Sounds like a good read.

    Have a good weekend