Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wherever Grace is Needed

By Elizabeth Bass

This is the story of a family and the love that holds it together. The adage, “Grace under pressure” applies here.

Grace Oliver goes home after thirty years, to assist her father who is recovering from an auto accident. Unexpectedly, it is also revealed that he has Alzheimer’s disease. This prompts Grace to remain longer than she initially planned.

Unfortunately, the previously distant Grace finds herself confronting her past within the family, including her relationship with her siblings. She finds it difficult to reconnect as they disagree over not only the past, but their father’s future. She realizes that all must be resolved.

Amidst her own family crises, she learns that a tragedy that neighbor and his family are going through. Especially affected is the teen-aged daughter, Jordan. Grace tries to help this family, as well as her own. What she does not expect is how in giving care and support, she learns to receive and accept it. In reconnecting with her past, she finds new connections to her future. Grace learns the value and real definition of home.

Elizabeth Bass writes with comfortable warmth. Her characters feel genuine and their lives true. Grace is a blessing.


  1. It sounds like a sad yet upbuilding story line.

  2. It sounds like a lovely story. Very good review, Rae