Saturday, July 2, 2011

Best Kept Secret

By Amy Hatvany

Cadence is a working mother, which is like having two conflicting full time jobs, as any working mom will tell you. She wants the best for her little boy, and she takes pride in her freelance writing position.

Overwhelmed and exhausted, Cadence begins to have one little innocuous glass of wine before bed, just to help her get to sleep. Unfortunately, one glass gradually becomes several, until glasses eventually become bottles. Before long, Cadence has become dependent upon the wine. She is an alcoholic, at risk of losing her child.

Even in today’s society, there are predisposed opinions regarding behaviors for men, women, and for parents. There remains a double-standard when it comes to women and drinking, particularly mothers and drinking. The reality of addiction, however, is that it affects both sexes, all ages, classes and people.

This is an important book, especially for women, because of this closed thinking, and the shame associated with it. It is a brave book, written with an understanding of the cause and effect, the tragedy and the possibility of triumph.

This book should be read and discussed. It should be shared. It should never be a secret.

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