Monday, July 18, 2011

Born Under a Lucky Moon

Born Under a Lucky Moon: A Novel 
By Dana Precious

Written in chapters from past to present, back and forth, Jeannie Thompson tells her story…and quite a story it is. Her large family in Michigan is a close, albeit wild, bunch of characters. However, they always pull together for Jeannie and each other in all of life’s craziness.

With a good career, Jeannie also finds a good man. Afraid to introduce him to her quirky family, out of fear they may overwhelm him, she tries to avoid it. She really need not worry, though. Their zest for life, easy way of dealing with things, and their ability to be true to themselves make them, and Jeannie, what and who a family should be. And that is what matters.


  1. This sounds like a cute and uplifting story. I like reading about family dynamics, so I just might pick this one up.

  2. Sounds like another one I may have to try.