Saturday, July 9, 2011

Don't Breathe a Word

Don't Breathe a Word: A Novel
By Jennifer McMahon

Jennifer McMahon has become a master of suspense. Her stories are unique and intense. In that regard, this one is no different.

Before Lisa disappears, at age 12, she tells her younger brother Sam a fairy tale where she is the Queen of the Fairies.  He never believed in fairies but remembers this, and her disappearance, as he grows into a practical solid young man.

Now grown, Sam and his girlfriend Phoebe, receive a strange call that leads to odd events. Phoebe grows increasingly concerned, while Sam is confused. He begins to question everything he thought he knew. Suddenly he is forced to reckon with a promise he made long ago, as it comes back to haunt him.

In alternating chapters, we are told this story by Lisa, fifteen years ago, and Phoebe in present day. It is a story of mixed suspense, fantasy, and psychological thriller. It will keep you guessing and wondering. When all is said and done, the book is a bit disturbing and unnerving, which I believe it is meant to be.


  1. Can I ask what you mean by disturbing and unnerving? As in creepy?

  2. I've got this one on my stacks.