Thursday, July 28, 2011

Following Atticus

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By Tom Ryan

Atticus M. Finch is one very special little dog. He has taken many adventures with his lucky owner, author Tom Ryan. This book follows their adventures and their relationship, including hiking up ninety-six snow peaks in ninety days. To add to the challenge, it was winter, creating a trek of bitterly cold, snow-filled miles.

As a journalist, Tom Ryan writes of the challenges and what essentially became a spiritual journey between man and dog. They bonded through a typical puppyhood of training, establishing a relationship of trust. Then they took it to the next level.

Having grown up among the White Mountains of New Hampshire climbing the 48 peak range, Tom was inspired to do this with Atticus. When this becomes a transforming experience for Tom and Atticus, they repeat the feat as a fundraiser for cancer.

Throughout the book are memories and recollections of Tom Ryan’s difficult youth with his father. His relationship with Atticus and the journey they take together not only bonds them, but becomes a cathartic process for Tom. Atticus and his open, accepting nature becomes the catalyst for Tom’s own personal journey finding forgiveness.

Yes…our pets do that.


  1. Hi! This sounds like another good book! I went away with my friend last week to Dallas and she reads about 4-5 books a week!!! I figured you must do that too! It takes me WAY longer than that! So I told her about your blog!
    Have a nice weekend~

  2. Glad you got away! Yes...I am a ravenous reader. It is more obvious currently, having had ankle surgery and unable to do anything. 1 surgery down, 3 to go!! But I got my cast off!! Whoo-Hoo! So I have a very sexy rubber & velcro knee-high boot now...*lol*

  3. our pets sure do.... That book sounds great...