Thursday, July 14, 2011


Found: A Memoir

By Jennifer Lauck

Jennifer Lauck is an accomplished writer and a gifted human being. She proved herself as a writer in her previous books, including Blackbird and Still Waters. She has also proven herself as an extraordinary human being and woman. In addition to writing her brave, honest, and revealing memoirs, she has been a speaker, teacher, and investigative reporter.

Jennifer uses all of her gifts again, in this moving and inspirational memoir: Found. Here, she takes us on her journey in search of her birth mother. Feeling incomplete, Jennifer feels the need to find her to become a whole person. She feels the need to come to terms with her past she must come to terms with her birth mother. Still struggling to belong, to fit in, to find peace within herself she must make peace with her past, with the life she lost.

Jennifer spent most of her life trying to find herself. She built her own world, forged her own way in it, and created her own identity. You have to respect that. In her we find courage, intelligence, and inspiration. She is an amazing woman with much to offer and much to be proud of.


  1. That book sounds good too. I have to agree with your last post. I think I am way to connected to all my electronic toys and when the power goes off, it's like having a welcomed break!! Kind of like when I was a kid :)

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  3. Sounds like an excellent book! Great review!