Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Home to Woefield

Home to Woefield: A Novel

By Susan Juby

When Prudence Burns inherits Woefield Farm she is full of hopes and dreams. She really has no idea what she is in for. What she finds is a farm that is aptly named. Next she finds people who definitely fit right in. This is a colorful and quirky cast of characters, to be sure. The story is told by these characters, each from their unique viewpoint.

Prudence is a woman who brings her ideals with her to Woefield Farm. She wants to be an honest to goodness, back-to-basics farmer. She has great plans for herself and the farm.

Seth is a troubled young man whom Prudence hires as a handyman. A high school drop-out, he fancies himself to be a writer. What he is really, is a rebellious kid who lacks self discipline.

Earl is the real down-to-earth guy. The strong silent type, he knows his stuff and gets things done.

Then there is little eleven year old Sarah, a girl on a mission. She has chickens that need housing. Prudence agrees to keep them on Woefield Farm. But not only do the chickens find a place there, so does Sarah.

In fact, this zany group all come together on an entertaining journey, all finding a place, a home of sorts at Woefield Farm. This is a very pleasurable and satisfying read.

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