Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I Wore the Ocean in the Shape of a Girl

I Wore the Ocean in the Shape of a Girl: A Memoir

By Kelle Groom

Everyone has a story to tell. Kelle Groom goes beyond that. She tells a tragic story in painful increments of beautiful prose. The result is an amazing book by a very special woman.

At the very early age of 15, Kelle finds alcohol as a way to express her. She loses herself to it, not realizing it until it is too late. Already an alcoholic, she has a baby at the age of nineteen. Her family supports her, as her aunt adopts the infant. Adding more sorrow to Kelle’s painful life, the baby is diagnosed at nine months with leukemia, and dies at 14 months of age. Kelle loses him twice.

Already out of control, Kelle is in a freefall downward spiral, fast on her way to self- destruction. It takes the real desire to stop drinking and the connection with the right people who can actually help Kelle attain sobriety.

This is a unique story on many levels, all heart-rending, all gut wrenching. But at the very heart of this book is Kelle the mother, who survived it all, who needed acceptance and forgiveness ultimately from herself.

She did survive, and she found the courage to share her story. She gives hope a new voice. You cannot read this book and not be somehow changed by it.


  1. I don't recall of hearing about this book before today, but you've certainly made me interested in reading it. Terrific review!

  2. Another good review!!!
    I am trying to catch up. Trips, deaths in the family, grandkids and babysitting for my daughter while they are remodeling their house has kept me busy and hasn't left much time to blog. Thanks for the award!

  3. I love your review of this book...I also read it as part of blog tour and I have to say that your review is better than most of the others on the tour!

  4. Brenda, thank you! That really means a lot to me!