Monday, August 22, 2011

The Best Worst Thing

The Best Worst Thing: A Memoir

By Kristen K. Brown

Kristen K. Brown has it all, until one day when she wakes up to find herself a widow. Not wanting to be what she calls a “sad mom”, she sets out to turn her negatives into positives. What follows is this memoir of her journey from the very real edge of despair to a successful, even joyous life that she created.

From surfing to “getting inked”, starting her own business (which takes her to Hollywood), with sheer determination, she becomes the ultimate role model. Her book is inspirational, but her life is a tribute to what a woman and a mother can do when she is faced with serious life decisions. This book is also confirmation as to what love can do, and does.


  1. This book sounds great... I guess probably because I can relate... My dad died when I was 14...

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  2. Loss can be so hard. It sounds like an amazing, healing book. So inspiring.

  3. Thanks so much for the review of my book, "The Best Worst Thing." Very much appreciated!