Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Deed So

Deed So

By Katharine A. Russell

Deed So is set during the increasing unrest and turmoil of 1960s small town Maryland. Twelve year old Haddie is impatiently biding her time until she can leave the town. Quite shockingly, she witnesses a horrific crime. A handicapped white boy is attacked and killed by a gang of black youth; a black young man is also killed.

Civil unrest peaks as a white man is put on trial over the killing of the black man. Making the situation more volatile is the fact that the jury consists of only white people. Activists are bused in from nearby Washington, D.C., as tensions rise.

Through all of this, Haddie is exposed to the turbulence involving Vietnam. She becomes aware of the involvement of America’s military, including the reactions here at home. A local boy returns home wounded and forever changed by his experience.

Amidst the turmoil and chaos of it all, Haddie comes of age. She becomes aware of herself and the world around her, including her own community, as she finds her place in both. We see Haddie come into herself, as we recall how our country did as well.

Katharine Russell has a sensitive touch for heavy issues.


  1. Sounds like a lot of heavy issues are covered in this book. I'm mentioned that two young boys were killed; one black and one white. A white man goes to trial for killing the black boy. I assume someone goes to trial for killing the white boy or do they never catch who did it? Or telling me gives away a big chunk of the story? *wink*

  2. Got your attention...good! I'm doing my job! It's a good book..I recommend that you read it, then let me know what you think!
    I try hard to do the book and author justice and never give a story away. Good authors work too hard for me to just give it away.
    But thank you for reading and commenting!! Have a great day!

  3. this looks like a great book!