Thursday, August 4, 2011

Not Afraid of Life

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My Journey So Far

By Bristol Palin

I found this memoir to be brave and open. While many wonder what she could possibly have to say, given her age and the publicity surrounding her. However, I think that is precisely her reason for this memoir. Perhaps Bristol felt the need to explain or even defend herself and her son. I respect that.

While reading the book, one needs to remember this is a memoir based upon the experiences, memories, and thoughts of a very young woman. We need to keep that perspective while we read her memoir.

Bristol shares her feelings of being in the political spotlight of her famous mother, the moral spotlight of being an unwed mother, the social spotlight of being linked to a seemingly narcissistic young man, all while coming of age in the tornado of what is the paparazzi.

I give her credit for doing as well as she is, and for not giving up. I give her credit for her perseverance, for maintaining grace and beauty under pressure. I wish her and her son well. I hope she continues to be brave enough to live her life honestly and fearlessly.


  1. Applause......
    I was just given a copy of Homer's Odyssey - have you heard of it or read it? I thought of you instantly.

    AND I have a surprise for you on my site! Go check it out!

  2. I can't help wondering if she wants to set the record straight or just make some money. Perhaps both.

    It does seem unfair that she was thrust into the spotlight; she will probably never have a normal life. You have to feel sorry for the children of celebrities.