Saturday, September 24, 2011

Going Home

Going Home: Finding Peace When Pets Die

Finding Peace When Pets Die

By Jon Katz

Jon Katz is a well-versed expert on dogs. He has shared many of his experiences with many readers over the years. He writes from Bedlam Farm of his many dogs, and the many stages of life with them.

In this most recent book, Jon Katz addresses the inevitable final stage. He writes of Going Home: Finding Peace When Pets Die.

This one is of particular meaning for me. I have lost many pets over my lifetime. I miss every one of them still. I have had an especially difficult time losing my Shetland Sheepdog, Maisie (in 2010). I have shared pictures of her, written about her, and still grieve for her.

Jon’s book is understanding and compassionate. He understands dogs and their people. Jon understands the bond between them. In this book, he gets it right with his words of advice and comfort. He honors this bond, this relationship between pet and person. And he respects the undying love.

In addition to his books, Jon Katz has a website and a blog. I recommend Jon Katz, his books, and his sites. He understands the special bond of “Furever Friends”.  


  1. I have read some of his other books, but have not heard of this one. This book would have come in handy when my sister lost her precious Nickoli. I'll add this to my ever long list of books to read and tell my sister about it, too!

  2. The bond between us humans and our furbabies is so incredibly special. Like you, I still grieve for my furry friends who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge. I know I always will.

  3. Thank you so much Ann for posting this. I have always felt a little silly for being so devastated when losing one of my pets. They each truly hold a special place in my heart but like you, I still mourn their passing.

    It makes me feel so much less "silly" knowing that others out there feel the same way I do about our furbabies.