Monday, September 19, 2011

Learning to Breathe

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My Yearlong Quest to Bring Calm to My Life

By Priscilla Warner

This is a beautifully profound book. I think we can all learn from Priscilla Warner’s journey and subsequent book.

A lifetime of anxiety attacks of panic and fear lead Priscilla to decide that she not only wanted, but needed to find peace within herself. She needed calm in her life.

After studying religion and many different religious practices, Priscilla feels that meditation may provide the serenity that she needs. In her study of the ways of the Tibetan monks and their prayer practices, she feels this may be a path to peace.

Priscilla goes on to document her journey, including observations and opinions of the many teachers, therapists, physicians, and friends along her way. Each offered something in her search. She discusses her experiences and discoveries of various treatments used in meditation, relaxation and therapy. Some things she shares are Kabbalah, Buddhism, and the more popular chocolate therapy and traditional neuroscience.

Priscilla Warner’s mission to reroute her way of thinking and uncover the things that caused it is both interesting and commendable. We all seek peace. Priscilla was brave to share her lessons learned.


  1. We do all seek peace! This looks like one of those books to add to my TBR list which keeps growing!!! Thanks! :-)

  2. This certainly sounds like a very deep and thought-provoking book. I think we'll be checking this one out for sure!