Friday, September 30, 2011

Memoir of a Good Death

Memoir of a Good Death

By Anne Sorbie

This is a creative novel, written as a type of memoir. Rhegan tells her story from “the other side”. It is an emotional story of her bond with her mother, Sarah.

Sarah learns more about Rhegan after Rhegan’s early passing. Throughout the story, as it unfolds, the memoir becomes two-fold. It becomes a memoir of a mother-daughter relationship.

We are reminded again that love does not die, that love surpasses death. Death can even help us to understand things we don’t see or know during a person’s life. With grief and understanding comes eventual healing.

Anne Sorbie writes a creative novel celebrating a life while grieving it. Heartbreak and happiness do indeed often intertwine. Life and death complete a circle, but we don’t ever have to fully let go, because love goes on.

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  1. sounds very intersting... I think I would really like this one!