Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Struck by Living

Spirituality in everyday living

From Depression to Hope

By Julie K. Hersh

Julie Hersh draws on her lifelong journal to share her struggle with depression. Her ability to live a seemingly normal life while battling fierce inner demons is heartbreaking. She is open and honest in her feelings, offering personal insight to those who also suffer long-term depression. Julie gives insight to loved ones of those battling depression, as well.

The role of family and medical community are integral in Julie’s book. She offers suggestions and possible solutions. She proves one can deal with and ultimately recover from this often hopeless nightmare of depression. Too often this problem goes unspoken or ignored, leading to devastating actions and consequences. But it doesn't have to; there is hope and recovery.

"Struck by Living" gives hope to those who understand the depths and desperation that may come with depression. There is hope, and Julie Hersh shares it eloquently. I am glad that she has been “Struck by Living”, and offers it to others.


  1. Thanks for this, especially since I've had my own battles with depression. I'll check it out on Amazon.ca. :-)

  2. Thanks for popping by my blog and commenting.

    Books and writing - we share a liking for two of my favourite things in the world :-)