Thursday, October 13, 2011

Think on Thursday
Brenda Youngerman 
of Fiction with a Purpose

This week's Ponder: Home 

My Answer...
Home truly is where the heart is. "Home" means something different for each person, and with each phase in a person's life.
To me, Home is my refuge. Home is where I feel secure, where I belong. Home is where I feel loved. Home is the place where my husband and I come back together. Home is where we connect when all is said and done in the world.  
Home is where my cats and critters are, waiting for me no matter what anyone else says or does...they are at Home, just waiting for me.
Home is where my comfy chair is, and my comfy bed with my comfy pillow and blankets. This is important because when I have had to be away for prolonged periods of time (hospitals and health facilities for joint replacements), I miss these things very much! Home means comfort, too. "There is no place like home!"
But for me, Home is also the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It is there that my heart yearns to be, where I can really breathe, relax, and be at peace with the world. My heart is that of a Yooper...and someday my Home will be there.


  1. What a wonderful post! I am so glad that you posted and joined in the ponder this week. I am also so VERY glad that you moved it to the home page - that means so VERY much to me!


  2. Home is all those things, but it's interesting that for you, "home" also is a particular location.

    I grew up in Gaspe, Quebec and I often have the feeling of wanting to go home--but not there. And not to Nova Scotia, where I spent 16 years. I'm not sure "where" home is. But geographically, any time I've crossed into Vermont I've had a feeling of, oh, I don't know, peace, rightness--I guess that sense of homecoming. Yet I've only ever passed through. I think it's the mountains, similar to those of the Quebec region in which I grew up. I've always said if Vermont were part of Canada, I'd move. LOL.

  3. Ahh, Fuzzy Tales, that's exactly what I am talking about! I am not "from" the U.P. But, I do think I am "of" the U.P.
    When I am there I feel I am "Home". Everything is "Right". It is the one "place" that feels like Home, for me.

  4. Are you originally from Michigan? I'm from Michigan. I grew up in Midland. =O)

    I couldn't comment on your cats page. It seems the comments section has disappeared again.