Thursday, October 6, 2011

I Am Maru

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By Mugumogu

Maru is a four year old Scottish Fold cat, in spite of his traditional, upright cat “prick-ears”. He and his owner live in Japan. The name “Maru” means “round”. When his owner adopted him as a kitten, she felt that everything about him seemed round.

The book is written as if Maru is talking and his owner, as well. It is written in both English and Japanese. Following life with Maru, from kittenhood through the present day, there are numerous photos. We see Maru’s many expressions and moods as he shares his likes, dislikes, and habits. There are pages of still shots from his videos, including the famous “sliding into boxes” videos. Maru also shares his favorite toys, costumes and “behind the scenes” information.

Maru is already a worldwide sensation through his many online videos and blog. This book is destined to be a classic among cat lovers. I am definitely hoping for sequels. You just have to love a good pet book, especially one with adorable photos and captions!


  1. I've heard about him, but admit, shamefaced, that I've not seen any of the videos. I rarely watch anything on YouTube. I did hear that "he" had a book out now, though.

    -Kim, the mom from Fuzzy Tales

  2. Oh--I LOVE cats. This sounds awesome :)

  3. Clever cat writing his own book.

  4. Sorry I'm late stopping by. I'm immersed in the read-a-thon this week. =O)

    Great review! I love Maru. I really must have that book!

  5. sounds like a book I would like!

  6. I'm a Maru Youtube fan (I announce shamelessly). Looking forward to his book. :)


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  7. This definitely sounds like a book I'd like.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. We are HUGE Maru fans! We can hardly wait to get this book. :)

  9. Just watched the video too funny!