Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Nowhere Near Normal

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A Memoir of OCD

By Traci Foust

This is a dark and unique memoir of living with OCD. Traci Foust is very open about her lifetime of living with this difficult disorder.

While having its humorous moments, the reality of the disorder is not at all funny. Traci takes us back to the beginnings of her OCD, her childhood. While her manner of retelling her memories may be funny to us, the actual memories, which was her reality is quite sad.

The childhood that Traci recalls may seem normal; in many ways we can relate to certain recollections and feelings. However with OCD, everything is in overdrive, exaggerated, not by choice, but by an inner force one can’t control.

Traci does exceptionally well at showing us her world. I think she was quite bold by allowing us to see it, and to laugh at things that were not funny for her to endure. Perhaps her book will help some readers who have or know someone who has OCD. Perhaps it will help someone to understand this often misunderstood disorder. I hope it was cathartic for Traci, too.


  1. That sounds like such an interesting book. I've wondered if my middle daughter might have some OCD-like tendencies. I would love to read something like this. I'll have to check it out :0)

  2. As a teacher, I enjoy reading about the different experiences people have as children. It's a great way to learn what some of my students may go through. This has definitely gone on my list to read! Thanks for sharing this review.

  3. I will be reviewing a couple of women's memoirs that are similar to this one, in nature. I feel it is very important to share these kinds of experiences. People need to know they are not alone. Loved ones also need to know what to do for the person and themselves.
    Thanks for the comments!