Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Chats on the Front Porch: Week 15

with Patrice at EverydayRuralty

Patrice has a wonderfully homespun, comfy blog. I love to join her chats...
I hope you will, too. Please visit her, and bring a carrot for Wendall!
This week the questions are:
Today's questions are some of Patrice's and some of her blogger friends who join in. (One is a question I offered!) Patrice really enjoyed sharing other folks' questions with you.
Here we go...
1. Alison asks: What's the biggest obstacle you've overcome or need to?
2. Julia asks: If you won $100,000 what changes would you make?
3. McGuffy Ann asks: What's the most unusual pet you've had?
4. When do you start decorating for Christmas?
5. What's your favorite type of magazine to read?
My Answers...
1. My biggest obstacle is my health, but I refuse to give in to it. I want to be the best I can personally be, and do as much as I can do.
2. If I won $100,000 I would finish paying off our house and move to the U.P. of Michigan.
3. I had a pet skunk when I was a kid. Rasputin was definitely unusual!
4. I start decorating for Christmas the week of Thanksgiving, gradually, simply...then more obvious that weekend. It just comes and goes so quickly!
5. I like nature magazines (North American Wildlife) and book review magazines. I am always looking to learn and to read! I am curious by nature and thus an avid reader.
Please join Patrice and all of us on her cozy porch for a chat!


  1. Really a skunk? My Mom had one too.
    I love the U.P. of Michigan. It is really beautiful.Nice answers

  2. I think skunks are so cute. I think that's something I like to have minus its perfume, but I guess you can get that sort of thing taken care of, right? That's really interesting!

  3. My mom had a pet skunk the first year she and my dad were married. She was quite upset that someone stole it. Thanks for joining the chat. Have a great week!