Tuesday, November 1, 2011


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By Susanna Daniel

Stiltsville tells the story of a village of Southern Florida homes built on the water. More importantly, it is the story of a marriage, the friendship of two women, Frances and Marse, and how the effect of that friendship plays a major role in all of their lives.

The two women have different lives, making different choices, yet supporting each other in spite of differences. In fact, their friendship takes very unusual and unexpected turns, as do family relationships.

The community and area all change over the thirty year period of the story, along with the relationships and marriages. There are serious changes with Frances and Dennis, Frances and Marse, and all those around them.

Life has a way of changing things…and people. As is said, “It takes a village.” This is true in many aspects of life. It is what community, friendships, even family is all about.

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