Thursday, December 15, 2011

On the Road Again...

After 7+ weeks, Bill was finally home for a few days. It was not long enough, went way too fast!
Bill is a long haul truck driver. He is one of the hard working guys who brings the food to the stores, who makes sure you have what you need accessible to you.
As you know, we have been together for over 30 years. We have been through many things, always together. Bill wasn't home for Thanksgiving, and he will not be home for the holidays. Such is the life of a long haul trucker. It just isn't "home" without him.  It's hard; I miss him.
The next time you encounter a trucker on the road, please remember he is doing a job you rely upon. He is a regular guy, and someone loves him. Please give him the space and respect he deserves. It might be Bill.


  1. I'm sorry that Bill won't be home for the holidays. :( This must be a real change for both of you with him on the road all the time! When my husband took at job in D.C. when we lived in IL, he'd come home every other weekend. He did this for two years. It got old fast.

  2. Ann, thanks for reminding us that truck drivers are real people and have loved ones at home who love and miss them. I know it must be hard during the holidays especially. Alice is sitting here with me and we are both sending an encouraging wave. =O)

  3. That is a shame Bill won't be home for the holidays.

    My partner works nights and I know how that has an impact on family life but not to the extent you must face.


  4. Carol, many years ago Bill worked nights. That is indeed difficult. I hope you are able to make your hours up together! It is all about quality, isn't it?
    Happy Holidays!

  5. I feel for you---I really do. We have had to be separated geographically and it stinks! I am always happy to see him come through the door or the gate at the airport! Hats off to your Bill for the hard work he does. I have a respect for truckers---it can't be an easy job and the contact I had with drivers over the years when we owned our own business was all positive! I know you loved having him home with you when you did---hoping the next time home comes soon and lasts longer!

  6. BethAnn, thanks. That means a lot. I really miss him. This is a huge adjustment. It was hard enough when he had business trips. This is a lifestyle! *lol*