Monday, January 9, 2012

Unlikely Friendships

...Remarkable Stories from the Animal Kingdom

By Jennifer S. Holland

I fully believe animals have much to offer to each other, and to humans, in many ways. We can learn from them. This book illustrates this fact.

Jennifer Holland has captured 47 truly incredible stories of bonds between animals. These are stories of true, heartfelt connections. Accompanying each story is amazing photography of the animals showing their bond.

Some of these unlikely friendships are those between a cat and a lizard, a monkey and a dove, a dog and a fish, and even a friendship between a pit bull, cat and baby chicks!

Most people have heard the classic story of Koko, the 230 pound gorilla who had been taught sign language. It was a surprise when she signed that she wanted a pet kitten. Koko’s favorite stories were “Puss in Boots” and “The Three Little Kitten’s”. For Koko’s birthday, she was allowed to choose her pick of a litter of kittens. She chose a tail-less grey kitten, who she named “All Ball”. Koko then treated him as a mother gorilla would her own infant. The entire story is beautifully recounted in this book.

I am reminded of my dog, Maisie, a Shetland Sheepdog. In her 16+ years, Maisie was surrogate mother to many kittens and bunnies that I rescued. We called her “Auntie Maisie”.  She did everything for them, but feed them. It made no difference to her that they were not puppies (or that she was spayed). She was patient and loving, and she knew that was what they needed.

Auntie Maisie

That is the theme of this book: love and the connection that it offers. Love goes beyond species and breed. It is the common thread of life, holding us all together. The need for love is universal, promoting growth, healing and well-being.

Each and every story here will leave you feeling refreshed, restored, and renewed. Yes, indeed, we have much to learn from the animal kingdom, if we only would watch from our heart and listen with our soul.

This book is for all ages, all people, and one to be enjoyed through the ages, again and again. There should be sequels. This is a very special book.
Maisie Grace


  1. Creatures brought up together can live in harmony; I've seen it over and over.

  2. I very much agree. My critters have always gotten along because I made it natural for them.
    It is extra special to see anyone go above & beyond, to make special Maisie.
    Thanks for your special comment.

  3. It sounds wonderful. I have always noticed that about animals and I always got mad that people always insisted it was instinct. My horse was best friends with the neighbor horse. The neighbor horse finally died at about 35, we were not home and no one thought to take my horse away so he didn't see his friend dead.
    By the time we got home, my horse was an emotional wreck.
    He never was the same and died a few months later. I always thought it was of a broken heart.
    They do form attachment like that. I will look for this book.

  4. That is so sad...I feel bad for your horse.
    I had two Oscars (fish) a long time ago. When one died, we found the other one laying next to it. It mourned its partner for days.
    Critters obviously have feelings. Thanks for commenting...& caring.

  5. Dear McGuffy Ann,
    Thank you for your very perceptive review of this book. I received it as a Christmas gift and am so enjoying the stories. You've said so well that "indeed, we have much to learn from the animal kingdom, if we only would watch from our heart and listen with our soul." I so agree with this. As Dulcy, the cat with whom I lived for 17 1/2 years said to me, "At the end, all that matters is love."