Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mayo Clinic

I have been a patient of Mayo Clinic for several years. I have always gone to the Minnesota Mayo. This was the first time I visited the Arizona Mayo Clinic. I have to say I am impressed with Mayo, in general.
Since I have been home, I have begun to plan my next visit to Arizona. I did get answers, and now need to have the necessary surgery to fix the problem.
I will be going back to Mayo Clinic, in Arizona, mid-March. I will have the necessary pre-op tests, etc. I will then have the surgery, as well.
It is going to be a long road, but I have to take it. I am grateful for the hope Mayo Clinic has given me.

photo by Mayo Clinic


  1. Thank goodness for the Mayo Clinic! We continue to send you tons of support hugs and purrs! Take care

  2. How wonderful that Mayo Clinic was able to give you answers and looks like they will be able to help you. :-) That's great news!

  3. I am glad you loved Mayo in AZ. Sorry you have to have surgery, but know they will take excellent care of you.

  4. Thank you all. I am hopeful, but desperate & terrified. Your support means a lot.