Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Ruby Slippers

The Road Back to Kansas

By Tracy Seeley

Tracy Seeley knows the importance of home and of knowing where it is. As a child, her family moved often. “Home” was thirteen houses in a mere nine years. Her father was more concerned about seeking stardom and validating himself. He moved himself and his family wherever he felt would further his whims. Ultimately, he left his family to fend for themselves. Tracy had no sense of stability; nor did she know what or where home truly was.

After struggling through a fractured, broken childhood, Tracy has nothing to draw on. She must embark upon a journey alone, and find her own way. Taking us into her past, she searches for meaning. She also shares steps in the present day as she moves toward a future with purpose.

Complicating things for Tracy are serious health issues and illness, adding to the importance of roots and what home means. This leads to her trying to reconcile her relationship with her father, and his role in her life.

From Kansas to Colorado to California, Tracy learns about life, herself, and ultimately what and where home is. In going back to where it all began, Tracy Seeley was able to find herself and move forward. In that, she found that home really is where the heart is. My Ruby Slippers is a beautifully written, lyrical memoir.


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