Monday, March 19, 2012

Phoenix Fauna, Part 2

I wanted to share the remainder 
of my pictures of the Phoenix area. 
They are so different
than what I am used to!

This Saguaro Cactus seems to be sentinel,
keeping watch over the desert.

A nice hearty cactus!

A little watering hole that filled from 
the weekend storms.

Another cactus nest!
I think a Desert Thrasher lives there.
There are many in the area.

I love this  tree, and wish I knew 
it's many stories.

Nature offers so many things of beauty.
Thank you for allowing me to share. 


  1. Oh wow - now that's a tiny tiny tiny little nest! Awww the bird must be tiny and the baby birds even tinier!

    Oh yes that tree certainly has stories to tell!

    Great shots!! Take care

  2. Those are not just pictures ... and you tell me you are not a photographer. Great job, as usual. Nature is amazing in so many different ways.


    1. No, my dear friend, these are taken with my phone because I liked these things. You are a true talent. ~xo~ Don't argue with me...I'm alone here.

  3. It was through reading Louis L'Amour that I learned that if there is a thunderstorm in the desert, you should lie flat on the ground or lightning will hit you, because you will be the tallest thing there, especially if you are on a horse.

    What a fun memory your pictures provoked!