Sunday, March 18, 2012

Phoenix Fauna

      It is Springtime in the desert. 
      I wanted to share some of the 
      interesting plants that I
      encountered around Mayo Clinic.
This is a group of three different cactus 
types, complimentary to each other.
The flowers contrasting the harshness 
of the plant is striking.
The colour of this cactus is unique.
The Joshua Trees are my favourites.
A bird's nest in a cactus 
was an amazing find!
This was a beautiful sight! 
The desert has its own special beauty.
I feel blessed to have realized it, 
by seeing it up close & personal.


  1. Awesome ... none of those flowers were out in January. Spring is a beautiful time.


  2. Awwww I can't see the bird's nest! LOL! Awww these flowers are so wonderful! I love cacti and seeing them in bloom in their natural habitat is brilliant! Thank you for sharing! take care

  3. Thanks for sharing! There are so many different kinds of cacti I am always amazed. Nice shots.