Wednesday, March 7, 2012

This Beautiful Life

By Helen Schulman

This is a very contemporary novel about a family dealing with the world today. In this time of advanced technology, this story is quite realistic and possible.

In the life of a Manhattan family, the children have many privileges, including that of private school. Everything is going well, as planned, until suddenly an admirer of the teen aged son changes everything.

A young pre-teen girl sends a provocative video to a fifteen year old boy, creating scandal and wreaking havoc. The effects are deep and far-reaching.

Technology, combined with the outside influences of society will, and should, make every parent think long and hard about the situations presented in this novel.

Helen Schulman has written an important novel of morals, values, peer pressure, family and the consequences of youthful impulse. She delves into the impact of the teens, family and society at large. This is a sensitive portrayal of a serious, very real situation.


  1. I read this in the was an eye opener for sure...

  2. This might be a good read for a Grandma of a teenager, yes? It sounds serious ... As always an excellent review.