Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Farmhouse Porch Chat #40

It's time to visit Patrice & Wendell for a good old fashioned chat. 
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This week's questions are:
1. Do you prefer wallpaper or paint?
2. What qualities make a good friend?
3. Are you planning a summer vacation?
4. Do you have a garage, carport, park on the street 
or park in your driveway?
5. Tell me something interesting about your week. (oops- please)

My answers are:

1. I prefer paint, but like a border depending upon the room.
2. Honesty, a good listener & one who will openly discuss anything, faithful, who loves you in spite of yourself...these are qualities of a good friend. I am lucky & blessed with a neighbor who is also that good friend (Andrea).
3. No summer vacation this year! between Bill's job & my ankle rehabilitation, not this year.
4. We have a garage; thank goodness!!
5. I am getting ready to go back to Mayo/Phoenix for another re-cast & x-rays! Bill will go with me, but it is only a 2-day trip.

Thank you Patrice & adorable smiling Wendell! Hugs!


  1. Funny, I have a good neighbor who fits all of those qualities too ... small world, huh?


  2. Hi Ann, it's nice getting to know you better on Patrice's porch. Sorry about your injured ankle. Speedy rehabilitation and healing. JB

  3. Love your answer to the friend question. How blessed you are to have a good friend in your neighbor. Hope your ankle gets better soon. I am your newest follower too. Have a blessed week :o)

  4. I like your description of a friend. I hope you have safe travels to Mayo and plenty of healing. Have a good week!