Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pondering with Brenda

Each Thursday, Brenda at Fiction with a Purpose poses a topic to ponder. 
She encourages us to post our thoughts on our blog and link up to hers. 
The topic this week is: listening.

Listening is an important part 
of communication, however 
it is only a part of  
successful communication
The other equally important factor 
is talking, truly communicating.  
To communicate and really connect, 
it takes equal effort,  from all involved, 
to  voice thoughts and feelings
...and then listen to others.
When we are young, we fight to be heard. 
Then we learn to listen.
Sometimes, we lose ourselves along the way, 
losing our voice as well.
As with all things, balance is necessary.
If we are to really be who we are meant to be, 
and connect in a meaningful way, 
we need to find balance in 
communicating our feelings, 
beliefs, and ideas, as well as 
listening to others.
By doing this, we learn about others, 
and ultimately ourselves.


  1. Talking isn't as easy as it would seem, especially if it's in a heated moment. LOL. Personally, I'm much better at putting my thoughts down "on paper," i.e. in an email, in a journal post, whathaveyou. Talking (and I don't mean the chit chat) is something else, because it needs to be done *with* someone, not *at* someone.

    1. Kim, trust me...I know. That is exactly why I felt it so important to write this.

  2. You are an awesome ponderer ... I love when you write. You should do more of it.


  3. I agree with all of your points however after not being listened to for so very long tends to turn people against talking.... I think we learn to talk as children and then have to relearn how to 'speak' as adults.

    Thanks for pondering with me!

  4. I agree, it can turn some people against talking...but it can make some more determined to be heard. The danger is in not talking...even when it is hard. We have to do both...listen and talk/speak...if there is no communication, nothing, no one changes.