Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Inspirational Stories from the Heart

By Debbie Hoffman Nutile

This little book carries quite a hefty impact. Debbie Nutile has compiled 23 true stories full of inspiration and hope. Each story is heartfelt and faith filled, yet as unique as the storyteller. The positive message of hope is the common thread throughout the book.

The stories are varied in their lessons of comfort, peace, joy,love, and healing in nature. All are told from the heart, and with soul. 

Debbie Hoffman Nutile is an amazing person in her own right. She is an educator, speaker and life coach. In compiling these stories, she did not want to take away from them by editing them. She has tried to preserve the story and respect the author, by telling the story as it was told to her.

A truly uplifting book.


  1. This sounds like a wonderful book, and one I'd be inclined to give as Christmas gifts too!

  2. Sometimes stories like that are all that we need!!!

  3. Again your review is so compelling. It really sounds like a great read.