Monday, May 21, 2012

First You Try Everything

By Jane McCafferty

Growing, aging, and evolving, is inevitable. It is life. It is meant to be. Ideally, a couple remains connected and does this together. That is the vow of marriage. Commitment is the root of the vow. It takes equal commitment from both people, and it must be sincere, from the heart.

Evvie and Ben have been together since college. Common childhoods and interests brought them together, sealing their bond.

As years pass and life happens, differences form. Ben becomes involved in the corporate world. Creating a career also provides a lifestyle for them as a couple. He feels this is the best road to take to achieve the goals best suited for their future.

Evvie holds onto her ideals and the freedom that comes with them. She clings to what the couple originally had together. Suddenly, she realizes that Ben has taken a different road, one without her. She becomes obsessed with the idea that they belong together, whatever the cost. She sets her mind on this idea, going to extreme lengths to keep them together.

The story of a couple is told in their alternating voices. It is an emotional story, taking you inside a marriage, revealing a couple who have grown apart. This novel explores the issue from the inside out. 


  1. One sees this occuring so often in today's world, one partner drifting away, and the other trying desperately to keep the relationship together. It takes two, I know that, and I'd read this book just to see if it works out, and what they each learn about themselves along the way.

  2. Sounds like another good book.

  3. I do love the alternating view kind of story...ths one ounds good and just a bit sad, too.