Monday, May 21, 2012


Gunney was a Gunnery Sergeant
  in the United States Marine Corps.  

Gunney served in Vietnam, and 
then became a Drill Instructor (D.I.)
at the infamous Parris Island, 
S.C. Marine Boot Camp.

Upon retiring from active service 
to our country, 
Gunney chose to teach 
to high school ROTC cadets, 
like me.

He taught us many things,
including military history, 
meteorology, military etiquette, 
and drill instruction.

I learned much from Gunney, 
but not only things about the military.
I learned things that I have used 
throughout my life. 

Gunney taught us self discipline, 
how to think quickly & safely
in dire situations,
how to help others, 
the buddy system,
honesty, loyalty, 
& what patriotism
truly means.

this one is for you, 
& all of those like you:
real men.

Semper Fideles


  1. What a fine tribute ....he's so handsome, and your first photo is very stunning....a fine service these men and women do, with our deepest thanks....they give their life, for our freedom.....too many times we tend to forget about all that..... here's to your special hero and all the others...God Speed!

  2. A manly man, a real man, is one who earns the respect of others and teaches them how to conduct their lives by example. It sounds like Gunny is definitely in that category. Great post! :-)

  3. This one doesn't ssurprise me at all ... and I couldn't agree more. He certainly was a postitive influence on your life. Good Choice!!!


  4. A wonderful tribute.

    I never hear 'Gunney' without thinking of Major Dad with Gerald McRaney. She was a character.