Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

On Memorial Day, let us remember
those lost in military service... 
~In Honor & Memory~
S/SGT. James Michael Ray
POW/MIA 18 March 1968
South Vietnam


  1. Have a peaceful and reflective Memorial Day. Take care

  2. Thank you for sharing about your hero. May you have a peaceful day.

  3. For some Memorial Day may be more painful and more meaningful because of having lost a dear one in service to his country. Thanks for sharing your memory of S/Sgt James Michael Ray with us. Peace and pride on this Memorial Day. JB

  4. Thank you, McGuffy Ann for your post today. I think we take holidays like this for granted much too often and when you stop and think about the extreme sacrifices that have been made and CONTINUE to be made by our service folks and their families it is pretty incredible. The POW's and MIA's especially....thanks for reminding us!

  5. WE honour the dead but often forget the POWs and MIAs. A timely reminder.

  6. God bless your loved ones who served this country so well! I have two uncles who fought in the Vietnam war and another in the Korean Conflict with many, many cousins going into the armed services. This is truly a time we should not only remember those who gave their life to protect our way of life, but to thank those who are still living. Freedom isn't free, it comes with a price! Thanks for visiting! ;)