Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Transformation

Transformation of the Shaman

I have written of this statue, 
and I have posted about her
She is a bronze statue in the garden
at the Phoenix, Arizona, Mayo Clinic.

When I see her, I am inspired.
She moves me, and gives me hope.
She embodies a spiritual transformation...
the natural Native American beliefs.
It is following their faith and beliefs, 
traditions, elders, and spirits...
that guides the transformation. 

They are ever striving  
to connect with their spirituality, 
reaching beyond what they are
to become all they are meant to be.

They go through many trials 
and tribulations,
leaving behind their
former selves, in order
to survive and transform
into a stronger being.

This is what I am doing. 
This is why she speaks to me
...and I am listening. 

My friend, Julie Nielsen Adriansen,
a talented artist in Lake Villa, IL.,
painted this beautiful and
inspirational portrait on my cast. 
I cannot thank her enough; 
this means so much to me.

I am working on healing, 
inside and out.
I am working on being 
a better "me".
I am healing.
I am transforming.   



  1. As I came along late on your blog, I've been wondering, how did you injured your foot?

    It's nice to have a hero to help us transform ourselves in becoming better than we were.

    Blessings, and speedy healing.


  2. Oh McGuffy Ann, this is just beautiful! What a lovely thing to look upon everyday as you are healing and as a reminder of the beautiful lady in the garden at Mayo who is guiding you to your higher purpose in life! I was just thinking about how such artwork could brighten up casts for so many folks stuck with the cumbersome wrapping. All hospitals and clinics should offer such services thru a local art group! This started my morning off with a smile, as did what you had to say because I so agree with you. The Native American connection to spirt, earth and ancestry has much to say about a healthier, more whole way of life, it involves believes that I embrace as well.

  3. Dear McGuffy Ann, . . . the photograph of the Native American angel/eagle/shaman is lovely and evocative. Thank you for sharing it with us. I'm relieved to learn that she inspires you and helps you in your healing. Finding meaning to the events of our life--be they joyous or sorrowful or uplifting or tragic--makes all life worthwhile I think.

    Be gracious to yourself.

  4. I think you are an amazing person! xxxx

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  6. Aha! I just saw your FB link on your corner up there... sent you an invitation! Hope you'll add me! :-)