Friday, May 4, 2012

A Special Friendship Friday

I am honoured to be chosen as 
the "Featured Friend"
at Friendship Friday, 
at Create with Joy.
This was a surprise, 
and much appreciated.
Thank you. 
You are all special to me.

Last week's topic was "One Wish". 
This week's topic is "Motherhood".

Not all babies grow from 
under their mother's heart,
but rather, many grow from 
within a mother's heart.
Mothering is a nurturing, 
a connection of unconditional love. 
It is offering what is needed,
with no expectations, 
as it is its own reward.

A mother is a shelter, a refuge, 
holding you within her hands & her heart, 
but never holding her babies down, 
never holding them back,
because it is never about her.
It is always about life and love.

In my life, I have nurtured 
many orphaned animals.
In their mind and heart, 
and in my own,
I was, and am, their mother. 
And it will always be that way.
A mother's love is unconditional
and knows no bounds.



  1. I knew you would be good on this subject ... Great Post!!


  2. I fur babies are as near and dear to my heart as my two legged ones!

  3. Another beautiful post that I could not agree with more whole-heartedly!

    Congrats for being this week's Featured Friend! I hope you have a fabulous week and

    Create With Joy

  4. So true, the animals whose lives we have blessed, and who have so greatly blessed ours, they are indeed the children of our heart, and without them our lives would have been so much less!

  5. A great post today. I agree with you . Have a great weekend. JB