Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Watch Where You Step

"Going to the Dogs"

By Jenepher Field

Jenepher Field was born and raised in New Zealand. Her extensive education brought her to the United States, where she has raised her own family with her surgeon husband.

Her passion for writing and animals began at an early age. In grade school she wrote an essay on her pet monkey, that in reality did not exist!

When Jenepher's husband, Louis, decided to retire from his orthopaedic practice, he made it clear he wanted to remain active. He convinced Jenepher they should build and run a boarding kennel.

This wonderful memoir chronicles their journey of building and starting this business. Jenepher tells stories of learning to care for the various animals, and their owners. Often, the owners were more challenging!

Learning to run such a business also involved learning logistics of septic systems, floods, and employee drama.

Love for each other, life, and pets is clear in this fascinating and fun memoir. To quote Louis, "You have to retire to something, not retire from something." I believe they succeeded.

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  1. I would agree ... and I found that there were more somethings in retirement than in my "productive" work years. Nice Review ...